What is ship service?

Have you ever been on a boat? Have you ever considered the safety of such a cruise? Definitely yes. If the exterior of the ship left nothing to be desired, you certainly have been calm about it. This proved that the ship’s repairs were properly made. Such repairs are carried out by companies in the ship service sector. Depending on the age of the ship and its level of service, repairs may be more or less advanced. We present the most important activities that are part of it.

Mechanical work – the heart of every ship is the engine room. It contains all instrumentation, starting with the engine, through many other control systems and lowering the anchors. The ship’s engine consists of enormous amounts of gears, gears, pistons and cylinders. For proper and reliable operation of the engine, it is very important that all components are thoroughly disassembled, their continuous lubrication and proper compression. After a certain mileage, the ship’s engine needs to be replaced with oil, filters and components. This is what shipping companies do. Experienced mechanics dismantle the engine part by part. Each element is subjected to thorough inspection and if something arouses the anxiety of the mechanics, it is replaced by a new part. Thanks to such work, the engine works equally well, it is economical and allows to develop maximum speeds, guaranteeing punctual delivery to the destination.

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Pipe work – the ship is somewhat similar to a residential building. There are rooms with similar functions as at home. There are also twin installations on board. They deal with the supply of water, steam and fuel to individual sectors. Pipes from steel pipes also require inspection. Individual items such as knees, tees and valves can over time corrode and become leaky. As a result, the pressure in the system drops, leading to leakage. Ship repairs are the control of such installations, their renewal, and replacement of new items.

Hydraulic works – hydraulic systems are very important on ships. Hydraulics on the ship are responsible for steering lifts, actuators, platforms, hoists and many other devices. Hydraulic systems are made from both hoses as well as elastic hoses, which over time can lose flexibility and need to be replaced with new ones.

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