Works consisting in ship repairs

Do you like working with big ships? Do you like steel constructions that slowly and majestically navigate the rough waters of the seas and oceans? If so, then work in ship service companies is perfect for you. What would you do if you were in one of those companies? We present selected services from their rich offer.

Rescue equipment – ship service is not just ship repair. It also works on the control of rescue equipment. And this one is very important on every ship. Boats and lifeboats, self-inflating rafts and inflatable boats, as well as life jackets and lifebuoys. For safety equipment, it must be periodically inspected and certified. This also applies to fire extinguishers, blankets and other rescue equipment present on board. To perform such attestation, the company should have the necessary permissions from the parent authority.

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Refrigeration and air conditioning – the ship can be pictured in comparison to a large steel cans. It’s easy to imagine what is going on inside her when the ship is in hot climates. Efficient and efficient air conditioning systems are essential for working on the ship. Cooling systems are no less important – they are responsible for maintaining low temperatures in refrigerated vessels that handle the transport of fish and seafood. These are very large and complicated installations. Their correctness depends on many elements. From the installation tightness to the required amount of coolant. Ship repairs therefore include leakage tests, individual components cleaning, replacement or refilling of refrigerants.

Load fixing – For a safe cruise, the proper balance of ships is of paramount importance. They are carried out by the proper arrangement of the load and its fixation. Numerous tilts of the ship can not cause the containers to move on or below the deck. Fixings can not be corroded or shaky. Ship repairs are of great concern.

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