What is the ship repair

Sea-going ships, like cars and all other machines, require periodic inspections, maintenance and repairs. The characteristics of such works are, however, quite different from the performance of car repairs in a warm and dry workshop. Depending on the conditions and situation, ship repairs are carried out either in dry dock or during mooring in port – on water.

What does ship service provided by specialzed companies include?

Welding works – ships generally consist of enormous amounts of welds. They provide a solid, durable and airtight combination of all elements that make up the construction of the ship. For safe shipping, all welds must be checked on a regular basis and repaired. Welding work on ships requires experience and precision. The life and health of seamen and passengers depends on the correctness of the seams.

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Hatch covers – the deck is very often flooded with water. In order not to get inside the ship, the tight and robust hatch covers are very important. These are the hatches securing the hatches below the deck. They are made from heavy steel, equipped with rubber gaskets. Hatch covers can be closed manually or automatically. From the state of gaskets and hinges and automation, their tightness depends. Repair works include replacing gaskets, performing occasional cover repairs, hinge lubrication, and automation. All in order to make the covers as easy to use as possible and to provide absolute resistance to water penetration.

Electrical works – ship repairs are also works on electrical installations. There are kilometers of cables and wires on each ship. They provide the energy needed to illuminate the corridors, the cabin, the engine room. In addition, electricity is needed to power navigation equipment, communication and location systems, as well as pumps. It is therefore important to ensure proper operation and safety in heavy duty applications.

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